1-Perhaps the most important consideration in this area is that of enthusiasm.

2-The director must have very clear goals for literally every rehearsal.

3-Use of humor absolutely does have a place in the successful rehearsal.

4-To interact with the group, and also refer to individuals by name, generates an air of warmth.

5-The students must sense that the director holds them in high esteem.

6-Vary the rehearsal from day to day.

7-Vary the rehearsal pace frequently, within any given class period.

8-Do not attempt to speak to the group if even one student is talking to another.

9-Beginning the rehearsal “on time’ must become an established practice.

10-It is always good judgment to end the rehearsal with something that allows the students to experience a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

11-If the teacher moves around the room during the rehearsal, the students will tend to be more energized.

12-Avoid trying to execute technically challenging passages at a rapid rate, prematurely. Take the necessary time to build student motor skills and  confidence.

13-Correct posture is basic to proper breathing. This should be considered truly a fundamental of the effective band  or choir rehearsal.

14-A magic formula for management and rapport can be found in the following concept.  First, comes activity. Second, is discipline.  After those steps have been attained, the director may begin to express a bit of personal warmth and appreciation.